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Implant Planning


Properly placing implants in a patient's jaw is a complicated procedure. There are a lot of things that the dental implant dentist must consider before rushing into dental implant surgery. It is not uncommon for a dental implant to be incorrectly placed into an area where the dental implant cannot be restored. Remember, dental implant patients do not come to a dental office for dental implants, dental implant patients come for teeth, teeth that look good and teeth that can chew and of course, it is important to evaluate the condition of the surviving natural teeth to design the position of dental implants.

The surgical placement of dental implants must be planned based on what a patient wants to achieve. In most cases, a dental implant should be placed directly under where the final tooth will be constructed.

A careful dental implant dentist will make models of the final result he is trying to achieve. These models help plan where the dental implants should be placed and where the dental implant crowns will look the best. In fact, the dental implant dentist can make a plastic surgical guide to assist him in marking the jaw bone exactly where he wants the dental implants to go. Unfortunately, many dental implant dentists just “guestimate” the placement of their dental implants and this can result in misplacement.

As a DSI dental implant patient, you deserve the best. You deserve excellent dental implant treatment planning to improve the chances that everything will go well with your dental implants. We at DSI not only carry out our planning with x-rays, but at times also recommend 3-D CAT scans to create a virtual computer model of you. Further, we often use an advanced 3-D planning software technology known as Simplant to finalize a very precise treatment plan for your needs. The DSI specialist can then do virtual surgery on your model in his computer before he ever touches you! This helps shorten your dental implant surgery and can help improve the results that you and your dental implant dentist want.