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Referral Process

The Referral Process

DSI plays an entirely supportive role in the patient care process, and seeks to augment and improve the services and convenience you provide to your patients.  We do not directly solicit patients or compete for your patients for services you already provide.

DSI provides your practice with information on the latest specialty procedures that you may wish to incorporate, as well as materials on specialty services that you can use to educate your patients, when appropriate.

The Referral

An actual referral begins with your meeting with a patient and determining that they may require specialty dental care not currently provided by your practice. In this case, if you decide to you would provide your patient with the referral to DSI specialists for a procedure to be performed in the convenience of your office. If the patient agrees, your front office could book an appointment for your patient with us (for a dedicated day for DSI at your office as agreed upon), and send us the appointment details (including any patient records) via our online referral system, fax, or phone/mail.

Our Information

We will provide your office with literature about us for the convenience of your patient, so that the patient could know how to contact us and what to expect after the referral is made. If the patient wishes to research us further before making an appointment, your staff can contact us with the patient information so we are prepared to talk with them if they should call us.

Acceptance of Referral

Once a referral is received by our DSI, we will follow up with the patient in 24 – 48 hours to get their registration process completed via our DSI Virtual Office email or phone call as per the convenience and comfort level of the patient. 

As necessary, your office can collaborate with our specialists to discuss the case.  Our specialists will review the history and registration information, and decide whether or not to accept the case, or refer the patient elsewhere. Our Specialists are available on phone and on web-based conference system to discuss the case with our Dental Partners and even with the patients.

First Contact with the patient

Once we accept the case, our staff will coordinate with your staff to confirm the appointment schedule, and we will contact the patient on your behalf to provide reminders and assist in the financial arrangement process.

Day of Procedure

On the day of the procedure, our staff will meet with the patient, insure that all registration and consent information is completed, and insure the comfort of the patient in the operatory.  Our specialists will then perform the procedure, or—as appropriate—conduct further diagnostics and consult with the patient.  If necessary, another appointment will then be scheduled for the patient.

Post procedure

After the procedure, the specialist and staff will provide a comfortable, supporting environment for any post-procedure recovery required, and then provide the patient with after-care information and medical prescriptions (as necessary).DSI specialists will then provide your practice with a procedure report, complete with diagnostic images and information as appropriate.  We will also provide supporting documentation and support to process any billing or claims required on behalf of the patient.

Emergency Care>

Should complications arise or the patient has any concerns following the procedures, DSI specialists are available and on-call to respond to the patient directly.  We will promptly respond to their concerns and support them as required.