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Patient Care System

Information for our patients

Welcome to Team DSI. A Unique concept for Dental Specialty care at patient’s own General Dentist’s office. We have several systems and support methods to provide patients seeking dental specialty care. We have set up what we call our “Patient Care System”. With the Patient Care System, you can quickly Contact us, ask questions, learn about our services, obtain pre – registration information and at times organize consultation with our specialists in comfort of your home, to discuss your treatment sitting with your family where our specialists could carry out teleconference via internet remote technology.

The following describes how our unique concept supports your needs at various steps.

Your Dentist will send us a Referral

Once your dentist has discussed with you the need for specialty services, he may refer you to us to get specialty care you need. The dentist office will take your permission to send us your information electronically, which may include your contact information, insurance information and your records.

Confirmation email from DSI

You will receive a confirmation email from us indicating that we have received a referral from your Dentist. We will let you know at that time, if we need any further information from you. For example we may need to contact your primary physician to review your health history and request risk assessment, or may need your medical insurance information, since some oral Surgical procedures may be covered by your medical carrier. We will contact you via phone, email or text messaging per your preference within 24 – 48 hours of receiving your referral. For an emergency we will contact you immediately after receiving the referral.

Medical risk assessment and Insurance verification

We will review your history, and discuss your case with your dentist and physician if needed for your procedure.  We will also contact your medical or / and dental insurance on your behalf to get statement of your benefits.

Confirmation of your appointment

We will confirm the appointment with you, for the procedure or for an in – office consultation depending on the case. We will also provide guidelines / instructions for the before and after care for the appointment. We may send you some links to online reference materials, including online videos that will explain your procedure in greater detail. .

What to expect on the day of procedure

We have a knowledgeable well trained team, who takes pride in taking care of our patients, when needed they will involve the specialists to address your concerns. Our team will try their best to make you feel comfortable before your appointment. They will provide you with pre operative / procedural and post procedural instructions. They will explain to you the financials involved with details of third party ( insurance ) benefits which you may have. They will also discuss with you payment plan options if you choose to avail this option.

Please feel assured

We encourage you to research our services, our philosophies, our staff backgrounds, and even submit questions to us via e-mail or call us.  We want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the procedures that are available to you and that have been recommended by your dentist.

Initial Meeting with our Specialists

Usually, we already have the X-rays and diagnostic materials we need to perform the procedure in the initial meeting, but occasionally, we may take extra diagnostic steps as required for the case. If we have all the diagnostic material we need, you will arrive at the office of your dentist at the scheduled time, and we will meet you there with our staff.  You will be seated in one of the operatories of the dentist’s office, and we will perform the required procedures there, utilizing our trained specialty staff and advanced equipment as required.

When more information is required prior to performing the procedure, you will meet with our specialists, who will discuss your case with you, obtain more information, and perhaps run more diagnostic tests, like a CT scan for more complex procedures.  You will then be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to have the procedure performed. Each specialty service we provide will have slightly different protocols for this first visit and we will explain the same to you in detail.

What to expect after your appointment

After the procedure is completed, you will be provided with after care instructions and medication prescriptions (as needed). We will set up a follow up appointment. We will contact you the next day to follow up with you to assess your progress after the procedure.

Emergency Care

If any complications arise, or you have any concerns, you can contact us via phone or e-mail to discuss and resolve the issues.  If required, we can bring you back in to see you and resolve any issues. Our specialists are available after hours to take any emergencies or for follow up care.

Follow up of your claims with Insurance carriers

We will submit your claim to your insurance carrier. We will follow up the claim so that you could be reimbursed in a timely fashion. We will keep you informed about the progress of the claims. Sometimes when claims have to be sent to medical and dental insurances they could take almost 90 days to get reimbursed. Meanwhile, at times you will get bills from our office indicating amount due, since the amount is due on your part from your insurance carrier, who may pay us or you on your behalf.