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At DSI, we are looking to bring another dimension to the way specialty dentistry services are offered, and can unequivocally state that we will change the way you view your career in specialty dentistry. We are looking for professionals who are over-achievers, and who are looking to get rewarded for their hard-work and dedication to patient care. 

DSI offers dental professionals the opportunity to take part in an exciting, growing enterprise, either as a full-time employee or in a part-time role for extra income. Our employees set their own objectives and pace, and we strive to give them as much opportunity as they want.

DSI values employees who are patient-focused, honest and loyal, and dedicated to total patient satisfaction. To foster a great work environment, and to show dedication to our employees, we offer above market wages, a rewarding career path, equity participation, a comprehensive benefits package, and a nurturing, supportive culture.

It is our goal to be a recognized leader in our industry and in patient and employee satisfaction. Employees receive the following company-paid benefits: medical and dental insurance, the opportunity to participate in a bonus plan based on the achievement of company goals as well as personal goals, plus vacation, sick and holiday paid time off. In addition, we offer educational assistance, referral bonuses and many employee recognition and incentive programs.

Finally, we are totally committed to employing a diverse workforce, consisting of people with various educational, cultural and professional backgrounds, in a fun, fast-paced and nurturing environment.

Please contact us for more information if you wish to join us.