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DSI Staff

Melissa Malaspino
Business Manager

Melissa is a people's person and you will be delighted with her exceptional patient care. She brings extensive management experience to DSI. Over the Past 25 years, she has devoted herself to achieving unparalleled patient care. Her nursing background has translated very easily to specialty dental care where her caring and compassionate personality is evident. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to insurance, is also well trained in dental assisting, OSHA regulations and implementing office management systems that ensure overall excellence. In her spare time she enjoys a variety of activities and spending time with her family.

Savannah Buie
Financial and Appointment Coordinator. 

It is a treat to talk with Savannah on the phone. You will hear her pleasant voice when she will call you to talk with you about your appointment related issues. She takes pride in educating our patients regarding the dental specialty care necessary to ensure their good health. She explains the expected treatment, the payment options and pre / post operative care. She will get you answers to questions that you may have, to make you feel comfortable to know that you are making the right decision by choosing our team. Care of patients is very important to her. Savannah loves to spend time on the beach with her son.

Lorena Avelar
Financial and Appointment Coordinator. 

You will get to interact with Lorena on many occasions starting with a phone call from her to confirm your appointment to the follow up after the procedure. She works diligently to make your treatment journey simple and smooth with her pleasant and caring nature. She is responsible for communications for the office, maintains referrals and appointments. Lorena and her husband have two boys. They enjoy barbecuing cookouts, and going on walks to local parks to play with their sons.

Sharon Perrine
Insurance Coordinator

Sharon has worked in dentistry for over 17 years, including working with general, orthodontic and pediatrics practices. She will work with you to help you get the most out of your dental insurance. Her caring personality makes her work harder for our patients to get the accounts taken care of with insurances in a very efficient manner. She will help to process your insurance claims, submit x-rays, other diagnostic images, and a written diagnostic report on your behalf to your insurance company. In her spare time, Sharon is a big Pittsburgh Steelers football fan. She has been married to Basil for 47 years, and has a daughter and two wonderful grandchildren Ashlee and Brandon.

Telicia Ellis
Dental & Surgical Assistant and OSHA Coordinator

Telecia strives to always treat others as though it were her loved one in the chair. She is a caring and experienced Dental Assistant with over 15 years of experience. She is skilled in all dental specialties. She received her National certification as a Dental Assistant and Radiology Technician 15 yrs ago. She has been an Instructor at Dental Assisting school. She wants to be an entrepreneur and in 2012 received her Masters in Business Administration. While spending time with her loving husband and two children is one of her greatest joys in life. Telecia enjoys reading, teaching at her local church, singing and writing music. Currently, she is tackling the challenge of producing and recording songs which she writes herself.

Jolly Romero
Dental & Surgical Assistant

Jolly is a caring and skilled Dental – surgical Assistant. She had graduated from Montgomery college with dental assisting Certification and Dental Radiology Technician certification. She is a dedicated Assistant, who takes pride in taking care of her patients. You will meet her with our team assisting you during oral surgery or root canal treatment or helping with Orthodontic care.  Her personal life revolves around her 6 year old son and her husband. She enjoys time with her parents and sisters who all believe in having fun in taking care of others.

Irene Trabelsi
Dental & Surgical Assistant

Irene is a caring and experienced Dental Assistant with over 8 years of experience. She is skilled in assisting all dental specialties. She received her National certification as a Dental Assistant and Radiology Technician. You will feel welcome by her sincere and caring nature. She works with our Oral Surgery and Prosthodontic team and is the lead Assistant for restoration of full mouth reconstructive cases. She enjoys her life with her husband Manuel and her new born daughter.

Diana Pena
Dental & Surgical Assistant

Diana is our newest team member. A caring assistant, who is taking classes to apply to Dental school. She is focused and hard working. You will get to meet her during surgical procedures where she tries to make your surgical experience a comfortable one. She lives with her mother and brother in Ashburn.

Manuel Trabelsi
IT Coordinator

Manuel our IT coordinator gives form to modern technology used at DSI. He has been instrumental in laying the foundation for remote access / data transfer and maintaining PCI compliance of our systems. He has implemented systems which has made us capable to have video remote conferencing with our patients and Partner Dental offices. He speaks many languages including English, French, German and Arabic. He lives in Ashburn with his wife and a new born baby girl. He enjoys cooking, riding his motorbike and having fun with his family and friends.